Team Auto Rent a car Sofia

General conditions

General Conditions


The Lessee must have regular and valid personal documents – passport, identity card, driving license and control voucher. Only the persons enrolled in this contract (the Lessee and the Additional Driver) can drive the rented car. In the case of driving by another person not listed in the lease, the Lessee shall be fully responsible for the damages and additional costs incurred.


Obligations and responsibilities of the Lessee


  • To use the vehicle for its intended purpose and to operate it with the care of a good owner, to monitor the level of oil, water and antifreeze.
  • In the event of an accident, damage or failure, take all necessary measures to rescue, limit and/or reduce the damage to the rented motor vehicle;          
  • Upon the occurrence of the damage/accident, the Lessee is obliged to immediately notify the Lessor of this, also announcing all facts, circumstances and data/names of witnesses, etc./in connection with it, as well as to provide full assistance to the Police/Traffic Police/for the issuance of an accident report, which is obliged to submit to the Lessor for clarification of the incident and the damage caused;
  • The Lessee is obliged not to leave the key and the registration certificate in the car. If the car is stolen and the documents or keys are in the Lessee, the latter bears full financial responsibility for the car, regardless of the insurance paid;
  •  If the Lessee wishes to extend the term of the contract, he/she must notify the Lessor no later than 48 hours before the contract expires and conclude a new written contract. The Lessor may request the extension of the contract before its expiry date, including by telephone. In the case of the Lessor's consent, the contract is considered to be extended for 24 hours. During this period, a payment must be made and a new contract signed;
  • The Lessee may not:

             1. Drive a rented car after using alcohol or other intoxicants;

             2. To confer driving of the rented car to other persons;

             3. To drive the rented car outside the borders of the Republic of Bulgaria, unless he/she has the explicit consent of the Lessor;

             4. To carry persons and goods above the specified capacity;

             5. To use the rented car for training, competitions and more. similar for towing other vehicles or trailers.



Obligations and responsibilities of the Lessor


  • The Lessor reserves the right to regain ownership of the car, without notice, at any time and at the expense of the Lessee if the car is used by him in violation of this contract;
  • The Lessor is obliged to keep the vehicle in a condition that is suitable for its purpose, bearing the cost of any ongoing repairs that are not caused by the Lessee;
  • In case of an accident or technical problem, which is not due to the fault of the Lessee and in case the damage cannot be remedied on the spot, the Lessor shall provide a replacement car within 24 hours at any point of the country at his own expense;
  • The Lessor shall not have the right to enter into contracts with which he makes use of the car subject to this contract to other persons before the expiration of this contract.