Team Auto Rent a car Sofia

Price and period

Car rental rates are divided into two seasons:

High Season: from 1 June to 30 September.

Low season: from 1 October to 31 May.


Daily rate includes:

  • 24 hours of car rental;
  • Unlimited miliage;
  • Road tax - "Vinetka";
  • Third Party Liability insurance;
  •  TP and CDW insurance-"Limited Liability";
  • Mandatory vehicle equipment according to the traffic police requirements (according to the season);
  • Full maintenance costs, except fuel;
  • Replacement of the car in case of mechanical damage, which was not the fault of the lessee;
  • Additional driver;
  • VAT.


Method of payment: 

Payment for the whole rental period and any additional fees, if any, are made in advance when renting the car. Team Auto Rent Ltd. gives you the opportunity to pay in several different ways, depending on your desire and ability:

  • Cash - at the moment of picking up the car;
  • By bank transferPayments in this case must be made in advance. The agreed amount must be credited to the "Team Auto Rent" Ltd account at least one day before the date of picking up;
  • By credit or debit card at the moment of picking up the car or in advance. When paying by credit cards - VISA, VISA ELECTRON ,V PAY, MasterCard, Maestro an additional 1.5% bank fee will be charged.



  • At the conclusion of the lease, a credit card deposit is made based on the tariffs in the price list, a deposit is blocked by credit card authorization in the name of the Lessee based on the tariff in the price list published on the company's website;
  • It is also possible to make a cash deposit for certain cars and only after the express permission of the LESSOR. Deposits in cash or by debit card are allowed only in case of payment of additional fee "Full Coverage" by the Lessee;
  • The amount of the deposit depends on the chosen car, ranging from 300EUR to 1000EUR;
  • If the LЕSSEE did not pay the "Full Coverage" insurance, the deposit is double;
  • The deposit is refunded under the terms of the contract, after a review for damage;
  • Our loyal customers enjoy preferential conditions on a case by case basis.


Rental Period:

The rental period is calculated on the basis of 24 hours.


In case the car is not returned within the agreed term and time, the Lessee is obliged to pay as follows:


  • A delay of up to 4 hours is charged 50% of the base price for a rental car;
  • In case of delay of more than 4 hours the full rental price of the car is paid for 1 day according to the price list.


For an unannounced delay of more than 1 hour, the company reserves the right to impose a fine of 30 EUR, with a fine of 30 EUR/day + rent per vehicle for each day.


For a delay of more than 24 hours, from the moment of the expiration of the concluded car rental agreement, without prior notification and without our consent, it is considered a misappropriation of the rental car. We have the right to inform the competent authorities of the Ministry of Interior and the Insurance Company, as well as to declare the rented car and you for search. In these cases, the deposit amount remains in favour of Team Auto Rent.


Upon early return of the car, the company does not owe the LESSEE the amount for the remaining period of the contract. Exceptions are made only for rental periods over 10 days. Then 30% of the difference between the amount paid and the amount due is refunded. The amount due is recalculated according to the period used by the company price list.


All car rental rates are in EUR. Their conversion into BGN is calculated on the basis of 1.96 EUR/BGN.