Team Auto Rent a car Sofia

Travelling abroad

Renting a car outside Bulgaria is possible for EU Member States only upon request and a double deposit is obligatory to be paid. The amount of the rental car deposit in these cases must be guaranteed by a Credit Card or by a Legal Entity. Debit cards are not accepted.


The lessee is obliged to make an inquiry and send at least 2 working days before the start of the rent a scanned legible copy of the driver's license and ID card or passport.


The minimum rental period is 5 days.

A one-time "Travel Abroad" fee is charged in the amount of 39.00 EUR.

An additional 20% of the rental price for the respective class is paid, but not less than 30 EUR/day.

These conditions are valid for a total mileage of up to 3000 km. Excess will be charged at 0.15 EUR/km.


Team Auto Rent reserves the right to refuse to rent a car outside Bulgaria for certain cars or countries. Such destinations are: Albania, Montenegro, Kosovo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Turkey.