Team Auto Rent a car Sofia

  • The minimum required age of the driver is 21.
  • The RENTER must have a valid driving license from at least one year.
  • Drivers between the ages of 18 and 21 pay a Young Driver fee - an additional 5EUR for every rental day, as well as a double deposit.

Documents necessary for the conclusion of a car rental agreement


  • Original of a valid driver's license with a minimum one-year issue period. The document must be translated into English if it is not issued by the EU;
  • Original Identity Card or International Passport, where the current address should be explicitly mentioned. Team Auto Rent reserves the right to request a second document certifying a customer's current address in the event that this is not mentioned in the attached documents;
  • A copy of the documents (ID card or passport, driving license) must be made when signing the contract, and they are kept in the company archive and used for submission to the relevant authorities in case of any violations and fines made by the lessee during the rental period.